One afternoon in 1976, a young man fresh out of the U.S. Air Force, with dreams of entering mortuary service, stopped by the old Higgins Funeral Home in Mobile, Alabama. The kid rang the doorbell, and the man who answered, not only opened the door of the funeral home, he also opened the door for one this young manís lifelong career dreams. The kid was none other than yours truly William Moody, the man who opened the doors was Paul E. Pierce Sr.

Paul hired me as an apprentice funeral director and embalmer that day. For the next two years he taught me everything he knew about Funeral Service, about life, about friends, and about being a husband and a father. After I left his employ, we remained lifelong friends, and Paul was one of my biggest supporters as I climbed the ladder not only in funeral service, but also in professional wrestling.

My mentor and friend passed away on June 20, 2004. I was honored to give the eulogy at his memorial service. I will never forget Paul Pierce, and I am proud to add his name to my Hall Of Fame. Rest In Peace, my friend.