Since I began this special section of my website several months ago, I have received numerous emails asking if I was going to add Mark to my heartfelt list of friends here. There never was a question of "if", it was "when," as I have been searching for the proper words for the perfect tribute that my "brother" truly deserves. As the holiday season is upon us, I realized that if I kept waiting on the right words to come, Mark may never have his rightful place here.

No matter how hard I try, there is no way that I can ever express in words how I feel about Mark Calaway. To say that we have more than a business relationship is certainly an understatement. We have been down so many roads together, some were fine beautifully paved interstates, and yet many were dirt back streets full of pot holes. Mark and I have personal treasure chests full of memories, that we will never share with the world. As The Undertaker once put it so eloquently, "...the good ones (stories), can't ever be told."

Many already know that I managed Mark in his first professional match at Dallas' World Famous Sportatorium, against the late Bruiser Brody. I've heard him tell the story many times. He insists that the only reason they sent me to the ring with him that night was to show him the way back to the dressing room.

Through the years I have been honored to walk with "The Phenom" down the aisles of hundreds of cities all around the world. Mark Calaway without a doubt, portrays the ultimate "gimmick" in our business. Just the fact that I have been allowed to share the spotlight with him, speaks volumes. I have stood in the shadow of a true Legend in our industry.

I could go on and on here, but I won't. I just want to publicly say that Mark is more than a business associate to me. He will always be a dear friend and a "brother." Our run through the wrestling world has been nothing short of the icing on the cake of my 30-year ring career. Our history together cannot, and will never be buried in cement.

As George Jones sings... "There's nothing better once you've had the best."

Mark... I thank you for the memories.