My Father was born on September 26, 1936, in Mobile, Alabama. He was the second son of Harry W. Moody Sr., and Fanny Anderson Moody. He married my Mom on June 8, 1953. With a minimal education, my Father gave my family the best life that he could offer. He retired from a long career in the railroad industry. Our home was always filled with all of the love and the support that we all needed.

He took me to my first wrestling match about the time that this photo was taken. He has always been so proud of my success in the entertainment business. To this very day my Paul Bearer action figure is displayed on top of the television in my parent's living room.

This photograph was taken on the front steps of my maternal grandparents home in Mobile. How about that cowboy hat, the happy expression on my face, and that natural blond hair? Some things never change -- Iím still a whiner.