Without a doubt, The Great Mephisto and The Mongolians, Tapu and Tio, were instrumental in the Percy Pringle character itself from the beginning.

Memphisto was the booker in my first “real” territory, and was responsible for giving me the Pringle name. Tapu and Tio, known as The Mongolians, were the first performers that I managed as PP3. Not only do I give them credit for kick-starting my career, they taught me more than I could ever write about.

Mephisto, whose real name is Frankie Cain, gained fame working in the California area during the Shire era. He also was under a mask for several years as one of J.C. Dyke’s Infernos. Tapu and Tio are real brothers who were very underrated. Both had singles careers, and also tagged together in the southeast as The Manchurians.