Glen Jacobs began his journey into professional wrestling training with the Malenko family in Florida. Mark Calaway and myself first met him while working a couple of dates in Jim Cornette's Smokey Mountain Territory as "Unibomb." We were so impressed with him that we immediately took his name back to WWF with us. A few months later he debuted for the company as Jerry Lawler's personal dentist, Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS.

Glen has been with WWF/WWE non-stop ever since. In 1996 he became "The New Diesel." Then on October 5, 1997 in St. Louis, MO, he was transformed into Paul Bearer's "son" Kane. The rest is certainly history.

In my opinion, Glen Jacobs represents what a true professional is all about. If I have anything at all to say negative about Glen, it's that he is too nice for his own good. When they removed his mask on June 23 2003, I really thought that it could mark the end of his WWE Career. I am so happy to admit how wrong I was! Glen is better than ever, and I am proud to add my friend's name to my personal Hall Of Fame.

The photo here graced the cover of the WWF Magazine in March of 1998. I have been asked countless times when I was going to add Glen to my cherished list here. Well... my "son" not only has a special place in my heart, he is also right here where he belongs.