November 24, 2004

One year ago at this time, I was ready for a drastic change in my life. If you read my orginal story on how Paul Bearer and WWE saved my life, you know that I tried to make the changes on my own, however I finally had to accept the fact that I needed help. If you missed that story, to put things into perspective, I strongly suggest that you read it before continuing here. It is available right here in my "STORY TIME ARCHIVES," and is titled "HOW PAUL BEARER SAVED BILL MOODY'S LIFE."

Last year I felt like I was trying to swim against a current that was too strong. There was a waterfall not too far down stream, that would no doubt end my life. My Gastric Bypass Surgery gave me a row boat to paddle my way up the river, away from the danger. You must understand that the operation wasn't a cure, but it made the impossible possible. It was far from taking the easy way out, as the past 365 days have contained the biggest challenges I have ever experienced. I will have to fight the battle against obesity for the rest of my life. At least now I have a life to fight for, as the surgery put me back on the right track.

BEFORE (Left) - Look into my eyes, I truly was a "deadman walking." This photo was taken exactly one year ago tonight, on November 24, 2003. It was the evening before my Gastric Bypass Surgery. I believe in my heart that if it wasn't for the weight loss surgery, I would not be alive today.

AFTER (Right) - What a difference a year has made in my life. This picture is worth a million words. I am without a doubt a new man. I feel better than I have in many years, with energy to spare. This is a very special Holiday Season for me.

I felt like an old violin, that had been put away never to be played again. Now I am back out of the case, freshly polished, with new strings and all. I feel and sound better than I have in many years. I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day. My Granddaughter Grace Elizabeth is now 4-months old, and she has no doubt helped put a twinkle in this old man's eyes too. My wife Dianna and I will celebrate our 26th wedding Anniversary on December 22nd. That's 26 years of marriage in the wrestling business, there are few relationships like that around. November is also the second Anniversary of PercyPringle.Com. A special word of thanks goes out to "Plowboy" Kurt Nielsen. Without him, I doubt PP.Com would have never been born.

I also was informed last week that I have been elected to the Board Of Directors of The Gulf Coast Wrestler's Reunion. This is a very humbling adventure for me, as I was born and raised on Gulf Coast Wrestling. Being a Lifetime member of The Cauliflower Alley Club, I am also going to do my level best to make the banquet in Las Vegas this April.

I would like to thank the folks who sent me countless emails during the past year. So many have been so kind to me. I am proud to say that my ordeal has encouraged a select few to investigate gastric bypass surgery for themselves. If you are interested, there is an excellent website for you to visit in my LINKS section. Just be aware that everyone will not have the success that I have achieved with the surgery. In fact, some records indicate that 1 in 100 die of complications. However, if you suffer from obesity you know that you will die from your morbid conditions. Is it worth the risk? That's up to the individual.

I wish you all a very Happy and Blessed Holiday Season. Please feel free to email me anytime. Most of you know that I personally read and respond to all of my messages. Take care, and thanks for taking the time to visit my website.

God Bless!