I've been asked numerous times to list the talent that I have been associated with during my 30-years in the business. To the best of my memory, the following is the most complete chart that I can compile. I know that I have missed two or three. There is no doubt that I have been very blessed with one of the most exciting careers that I could have ever dreamed of. Many talents that I managed went on to become legends in our industry. I believe that each name will speak for itself, and remember that they are not in any particular order. However, those listed in italics are now deceased, may my brothers Rest In Peace.

Hercules Hernandez
Jesse Barr (Jimmy-Jack Funk)
"Marvelous" Marcel Pringle
The Mongolians - Tapu & Tio
Oki Shikina
Sugarbear Harris (future Kimala)
Ken Dillenger
The Spoiler (Don Jardine)
Rick Rude
The Missing Link (Dewey Robertson)
Rip Oliver
Jack Hart (Barry Horowitz)
The Grappler (Len Denton)
Playboy Buddy Rose
The Assassin (Jody Hamilton)
The Pretty Young Things (PYT) - KoKo B. Ware & Norvell Austin
The Rock and Roll RPM's Mike Davis & Tommy Lane
Black Bart
Killer Tim Brooks
The Dingo Warrior (future Ultimate Warrior)
Texas Red (future Undertaker)
Steve Austin (future Stone Cold)
The Great Kabuki
Cactus Jack (Mick Foley)
BlackJack Mulligan
Ted Arcidi
Lex Luger
Master Gee (George Wells)
Eric Embry
Matt Borne (future Doink The Clown)
Buzz Sawyer
Gentleman Chris Adams
Jos Leduc
Abdullah The Butcher
Bruiser Brody
Dory Funk Jr.
The Undertaker
Mankind (Mick Foley)
The Executioner (Freebird Terry Gordy)
Joe Kane
Kevin Northcutt

Until Next Time!