"Marvelous" Marcel Pringle
Without a doubt one of my best friends in this world of ours is Lennie Hawkins, a.k.a. "Marvelous" Marcel Pringle.

Lennie and I first met as fans at the matches on our hometown. For several years as I sat on front row ringside taking photos with my buddy Michael Hendrich, Lennie helped around The Gulf Coast Wrestling territory, selling tickets, setting up the ring, and doing anything he could to live his dream.

Then one day we found out that he had a home made ring in his backyard, and that was that. We have been "cousins" ever since. We began wrestling together around the gulf coast "outlaw" territories in the early 1970s. He began using the Pringle name around 1980, and the rest is history.

Marcel is one of my partners in our Gulf South Wrestling organization, and if you say that we are anything but family, you are walking on the fighting side of us. It makes me proud to add my cousin Marcel's name to my Personal Hall Of Fame.