I've been asked many times through the years who my favorite manager is. That question is very easy for me to answer... it's the one and only Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

I admired and respected Bobby Heenan for many years, prior to meeting him in 1978. He came to Jackson, Mississippi with the then AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkle. It is without a doubt another story of one of my heroes becoming one of my friends. I patterned the early Percy Pringle III character entirely after "The Brain."

Years later, after joining The WWF, I was fortunate enough to able to work side by side with my managerial idol. He's the best... what else can I say?

Bobby has battled some serious health issues during the past few years, and is still standing tall and strong with his hand raised in the air. I love Bobby Heenan not just as a Legend in our industry, but as a fine outstanding human being. Now take that to the bank... humanoids!

It is my honor to add his name to my unworthy personal Hall Of Fame.