During 2002 Percy answered over 5,000 questions on his PRINGLE DYNASTY message board. Even though PP3 closed the board, he is answering your questions once again.

All you have to do is e-mail Percy and you will receive a response from the man, himself! The best questions and responses will be presented on one of wrestling's elite news sites, www.PWInsider.com.

Please be respectful in your line of questioning, and don't be too personal -- Percy will only respond to decent questions. If you choose to send a stupid question, know your message will go right in the trash.
Is this really Percy Pringle III answering you? Absolutely!  That's what makes Ask Percy so special.  You'll get to pick the brain of a man with over 30 years of wrestling experience, who has worked with the biggest names in the business.

Sometimes Percy may take a little while to respond to you, but you will get an answer.  So, please, be patient.  You'll soon get a response from the kingpin of The PRINGLE DYNASTY!
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